In today’s world of medicine, most doctors:

  • are employed by large corporations or hospital owned practices
  • are at the mercy of government, insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry
  • are pressured to be more productive and are forced to shorten patient visits
  • don’t have the time to address intimate, highly personal issues like sexual performance with their patients
  • don’t have the training, expertise and experience to properly treat sexual problems

That’s not the way it is at Charleston Men’s Clinic.

  • We don’t work for the government or some large group or corporation …. we work directly for you
  • Your sexual health is our focus and main concern
  • We are committed to providing results using safe, proven and affordable state-of-the art medical treatments
  • Our medical director is not only an expert in male sexual health and performance, but he is also board certified in Internal Medicine with extensive understanding and experience treating the entire spectrum of adult medical problems
  • We only do male sexual health…no Botox, hair restoration, nutraceuticals, IV vitamins or weight loss programs

Most men are embarrassed talking about  sexual issues. Making the conversation even more uncomfortable for many men is the fact that most medical offices are staffed by women and more often than not, the physician or medical provider is a woman. At the Charleston Men’s Clinic we have an all-male staff in an office setting specifically designed to make a man feel comfortable and safe.

Call today to schedule a consultation guaranteed to provide you with answers and effective options.

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