Testosterone is the primary hormone to promote muscle mass growth in males. When a man experiences low T, he will experience muscle turning to fat, which typically results in weight gain in the neck, chest, belly, waist, thighs and more. Weight gain can be tied to the decrease in testosterone, which allows estrogen to take over regulating the muscle-fat ratio in the male body.

Do you have low testosterone? Are you losing muscle mass and gaining weight in the form of fat? You may need Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). At Charleston Men’s Clinic, we focus on men’s sexual health around testosterone and erectile dysfunction. We’ve helped thousands of men over thirty years regain their confidence in the bedroom and in life. Give us a call to schedule a consultation! Otherwise, continue reading to learn a few quick tips on how to build muscle mass while dealing with low T.

Four muscle mass building tips to fight low testosterone

If you’re starting to gain weight and you workout regularly, you may have a low T problem. Those already overweight may be able to fix their testosterone levels by simply losing weight. No matter your weight, here are some tips on gaining muscle mass with low testosterone:

Lose the weight: The popular “dad-bod” isn’t healthy, nor is it attractive. If you’re overweight or have extra weight you could get rid of, lose it. The loss in fat can help balance out hormone levels, bringing your testosterone back to a healthy level.

Do aerobic and strength exercises: You want to do two things to build muscle mass with low T: get your heart rate up and build muscle strength. When you raise your heart rate, you increase blood flow, which allows for androgens, including testosterone, to get to your muscles. As you build strength, the increase in heart rate will feed your body what it needs to retain muscle mass.

Get enough sleep: Although sleep is considered an annoying part of every day, make it a priority. Your body heals and repairs during sleep. It also flushes your brain of all the wasteful byproducts of brain function during sleep. If you’re body doesn’t get to “flush” itself after each day, you will see short and long-term negative effects.

Eat a balanced diet: If you have low T, you may want to avoid the “get lean” or protein based diets until you can get your testosterone levels back to normal. When you eat specific diets, it can stress out your body, and with low testosterone, your body is already stressed. You need to consume enough calories to maintain weight and promote muscle growth.

Consider Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Although you may alter your diet, exercise more, and get plenty of quality sleep, it still may not be enough. In many cases, Testosterone Replacement Therapy is needed to get hormone levels back to normal. If you’re still seeing weight gain, fat retention, and less than quality sleep, you may need TRT to get your life back on track.

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