Did you know over five million men in the United States suffering from low testosterone? Even more surprising, men who deal with chronic fatigue typically have low T, too. Alongside these two health issues, men may experience mood swings, decrease in sex drive, and an increased chance of depression.

So, how is fatigue and testosterone linked? After the age of 30, men typically experience a decrease in testosterone production of about one to two percent every year. On average, that means over the next 30 to 50 years, a male could lose anywhere between 30 and 50 percent of his testosterone production. This results in less interest in sex, decrease in muscle growth, and a reduction in energy levels throughout the day.

Although testosterone declination is a part of aging, it shouldn’t drop so sharply that it causes chronic fatigue. This is where Charleston Men’s Clinic in Mount Pleasant can help. We offer men Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) to treat low T. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation. Otherwise, continue reading to learn more about how to fight fatigue caused by low testosterone.

Tips to fight fatigue and low testosterone

There are several options men can choose from to boost their energy levels and get past chronic fatigue. It’s best to start with simple lifestyle changes than to dive into the deep end and upend your life all at once.

Here are some simple lifestyle changes to help with chronic fatigue and low T:

Check for other health issues: Visit your doctor and ask about your chronic fatigue and potential low testosterone. It may be that you need to alter your diet, change your medication, or get more sleep. Your doctor will be able to help determine what may be causing your issues.

Prioritize sleep: It can be hard to make sleep a priority when we’re motivated to work as much as possible. Also, as men age, their sleeping patterns tend to change and become less effective, meaning men sleep less and find REM sleep less often. Set a sleep routine, and stick to it the best you can.

Fix your diet: Almost anyone can improve their overall diet. With the prevalence of fast food, an abundance of sugar, and stimulating drinks with caffeine, your body could use the healthier choice in food.

Exercise regularly: If you can find thirty minutes a day to walk on a treadmill, it will help. Find a way to get an exercise routine in place. Breaking a sweat should increase your heart rate and challenge you. Exercise can help you feel more energized and control your weight.

Take depression seriously: if you experience depression, get it treated. It’s a serious condition that can usually be treated with any of the simple life changes on this list. If after making these simple life changes and you’re still depressed, consider scheduling an appointment with a trusted, local therapist.

Get Testosterone Replacement Therapy: All of the simple changes above will help in some way to improve your energy levels, but you may also need testosterone treatment to piece together your fatigue puzzle.

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