Did you know that low testosterone has correlative links to depression, mood swings, and brain cognition issues? Testosterone is more than the sex hormone for men. It has an effect on the brain and the body, and as men age past 30 their testosterone production begins to decline, which leads to more than erectile dysfunction. Men with low testosterone may find themselves dealing with what’s called “andropause.” The male equivalent to menopause for women.

At Charleston Men’s Clinic in Mount Pleasant, we focus primarily on men’s sexual health. We’re dedicated to treating men with low testosterone and erectile dysfunction to they can regain confidence in their life and enjoy the amazing pleasure sex has to offer. If you’re dealing with any low T issues or notice symptoms, call our clinic to schedule a consultation. Otherwise, continue reading to learn about a few tips on how to enhance one’s mood.

Quick Tips For Enhancing One’s Mood

Fortunately, men who are dealing with low T can address their emotional, mental, and physical issues with a combination of TRT and lifestyle adjustments. Below are some tips you can start using today to boost your mood and feel better about your life:

Examine Current Health Habits

How good do you sleep? What’s your diet look like? Do you exercise? It’s important to review your current lifestyle choices to determine if you can boost your mood and regulate your testosterone levels naturally. A regular sleep schedule, healthy diet, and consistent exercise has been shown to help regulate hormone levels in men. Those who live a sedentary lifestyle, eat whatever they want, and sleep very little tend to have more issues with testosterone than men who adjust their lifestyle to their body’s needs. If you’re struggling to successfully change your life, find a local therapist to discuss any emotional or mental blocks you may have.

Let Your Partner Know

Our patients tend to be embarrassed that they have trouble getting aroused, and we understand. Sexual health is a primary concern for most men, and it’s a signifier of manliness. We get it. However, you want to communicate with your partner about your low testosterone. In many cases, partnerships that communicate tend to find innovative ways to still enjoy their sex life together, even though the male may be struggling. Activities like sex counseling sessions, creative sexual endeavors, and more have been shared with us at our clinic as ways to keep partners’ sex lives alive while they find a solution for the male’s low testosterone. The communication creates hope between partners, which fuels a collective effort to find new ways to enjoy one another.

Mitigate Stress

In most cases, this is the hardest task of all for men dealing with low testosterone. How does one mitigate stress? Take account for your life, and see where you can decrease the chance of becoming stressed. For example, many of our patients say that their job stresses them out the most. What can they do about it? Find ways within their job to mitigate stress while still getting their job done. Additionally, men share that their relationship feels stressful because of their issues with arousal. We tell them to let their partner know. Ask for help. Also, exercise and diet can assist in managing stress, too.

Address Substance Abuse

Whether drugs or alcohol — legal or illegal — it’s important you realize that substance abuse can affect hormone balance in men. Men who abuse substances have seen an increase in sex drive (libido) when they mitigate or stop abuse altogether. This simply means that alongside your diet and exercise routines, men need to take into consideration how the substances they put into their body affects them. In many cases, substance abuse calls for therapy, and, in some cases, rehabilitation is needed to heal from the abuse.



Schedule A Testosterone Replacement Therapy Consultation

At Charleston Men’s Clinic, we address men’s sexual health issues revolving around low testosterone and erectile dysfunction. Our clinic focuses primarily on men and their ability to enjoy their sex life and feel confident once again. If you’re struggling with arousal, low T, or mood swings, give us a call today. We’ll work with you to schedule a consultation, and discuss how Testosterone Replacement Therapy can help.