Hello, and welcome back to our blog! If you keep up with our posts, you’ll know that last time we talked about losing weight as a man. Our strategy starts with returning to the basics and not falling for weight loss trends that usually fade out within a year because nobody is experiencing success from them. Last time we talked about the importance of weight lifting to build muscle mass that will increase your metabolism and burn fat and eating high-protein and lean protein meals that will keep you from feeling hungry throughout the day. In this blog, we’re going to add to the list of ways you can trim fat and stop worrying about your weight!

Drink More Water

Some of the most chemical-filled and unhealthy things we put in our bodies come in the form of drinks: soda, sugary coffee, fruit juice etc. So, it’s only natural that consumer more water and less of these will boost our overall health, and more specifically, lead to weight loss. Each time you feel tempted to reach for a sugary drink, take a drink of water instead. It’ll help you cut the urge.

Water can also help you reduce your appetite. According to health resource website WebMD, drinking water immediately before eating a meal can lead to a reduction of 75 calories per meal. Over time, this could lead to significant weight loss and teach you a valuable way to suppress your hunger.

If you’re running to the drinking fountain after being at the gym for five minutes, you need to be drinking more water ahead of time to ensure your body is prepared. Water will prevent muscle cramps and makes you feel less exhausted after a workout meaning you’ll be able to expend more energy and lose weight faster.

Drink More Coffee

Okay, this may seem like a strange one, but hear me out. Coffee is well-known for helping you stay awake momentarily until the jitters hit, then you most likely regret drinking so much. However, I’m advocating a more moderate amount that will help promote weight loss.

Caffeine increases the rate that fats are broken down and makes them more available to be used for energy. When you’re using fat as energy, it won’t be stored and you’ll have an easier time losing weight. Additionally, caffeine will increase our metabolic rate by stimulating the central nervous system. Over any given day, you will experience more energy expenditure even without exercise.

Although these are some great positive effects of caffeine, you should make sure to drink coffee in moderation. Too much caffeine can lead to headaches and reduced sleep quality.

Do More Cardio

It may be tempting to go straight to the weights when you get to the gym, and although weightlifting is an effective way of burning fat which we talked about in our last blog, it doesn’t compare to the calories burnt by cardiovascular exercise. A one-hour weight lifting session will burn around 225 calories, whereas one hour worth of running will burn around 600 calories, and one hour of rowing will burn a whopping 840 calories. Try starting your workout off with some weightlifting and get in at least an hour on a rowing machine or on the track for the optimal weight loss.

Other Weight Loss Activities

Although making it to the gym every day is essential for losing weight, you should try to incorporate other healthy activities into your daily life. Many of us spend all day sitting in an office making weight loss a challenge. If you’re working a manual labor job, you could be burning up to 800 calories per day just at work. If this isn’t possible for you, you should try doing other fun exercise activities like hiking, biking, or swimming in order to increase the rate that you lose fat.

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