Hello, and welcome back to our blog here at Charleston Men’s Health Clinic. Last time, we talked about two different ways to lose weight as a man: lifting weights and eating lean protein. Although these are great ways to lose weight, we’re going to talk about several more ways that you can shed those pesky pounds and get your body back in great shape like it always used to be! If you have any questions at all about men’s health and how you can stay in peak performance all the time, even into old age, don’t hesitate to call a men’s health expert.

Get more sleep

Getting more sleep is a great way to contribute to your weight loss. Did you know that forty percent of Americans get only six hours or fewer of sleep a night? It’s recommended by most health experts that you get at least seven hours of sleep a night. So, you may be thinking, what does this have to do with weight loss? Chances are, sleep deprivation has a lot more to do with weight loss than we ever could have imagined.

First of all, getting more sleep makes you more alert, and when you’re more alert, you are less likely to skip out on precious gym time or make silly decisions about your diet. The truth of the matter is, if you want to maintain a great workout schedule and great diet at the same time, you’re going to need a brain that is focused and alert.

Another thing that is lost out on when you’ve had a lack of sleep is your ability to resist junk food. According to some researchers, a poor night’s sleep can lead to us having more cravings for junk food that contain a lot of fat or sugar. The reason for this is that our bodies are in a low energy state and eating these foods will help them get some quick energy. Of course, we know that’s a terrible idea for long-term health, but it’s what our bodies feel due to the lack of sleep.

Third, and finally, getting seven hours of sleep will improve your body’s efficiency; this includes things like metabolism and fat burning. According to a study done by the University of Chicago, people who get over seven hours of sleep a night lose significantly more weight than those who get less than six.

Weigh in regularly   

Many people will avoid looking at the scale entirely because they feel they will be disappointed with themselves or lose motivation. The fact of the matter is, weighing in regularly will do the opposite. It will motivate you to lose weight every single day. But keep in mind the techniques you’re using to lose weight. If you’re doing a lot of weightlifting, you’re not going to be seeing a lot lower numbers on the scale because you’re replacing fat with muscle. I would recommend weighing in at least once or twice a week so that you’ll have a better picture of what direction you’re heading in.

Learn how to snack

Although we typically see snacking as something that negatively impacts weight gain, if it’s done right, it can be a powerful tool to help you lose weight. It all comes down to what you eat and how frequently you eat it. Before you go to work, try eating an apple. Apples are a great way to boost your energy without chugging down several cups of coffee. You should make sure to pack two extra snacks for your day, one for before lunch and one for after. Some great ideas for snacks are a bag of veggies, any fruit, or nuts like almonds. Often times, when we get hungry between meals, we reach for a sugary treat like a donut. This can easily be avoided if you come prepared with a healthy snack.

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