The conversation in the media on men’s sexual health is largely centered around the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The Cleveland Clinic reports that as many as 52 percent of men experience erectile dysfunction — so yes, it is widely prevalent which is why there is a focus — but there are many other issues that men wish their partners understood about their sexual health.

Tackling the subject of men’s sexual health is difficult for both people in a relationship. It may be challenging for a man to express the sexual challenges he may face whether it be low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, decreased sexual desire, or ejaculation concerns. Likewise for their partner, because they’re not aware of the sexual health issues, they may think something is wrong with them or that their partner is no longer sexually interested in them. Read more about the common things men need women to know about their sexual health.

Men’s Sexual Health Involves Their Partners, Too

Men’s sexual health can decline in a myriad of ways from weight gain to the development of a disease, so having open communication with both partners is critical. Below are a couple of things that might help partners understand more about men’s sexual health.

The most common sexual health issue men face is erectile dysfunction (ED).

If you need more information about ED, you can read about it here or here. ED often is difficult to address because it involves having to talk about sexual dysfunction and a man may feel like he’s “broken” or unable to sexually satisfy his partner, so oftentimes, silence is the most comfortable option. Medications are generally the first line of action in conventional medicine, but taking a pill can take out the spontaneity of sex, invoking a feeling of frustration and sometimes depression. More invasive surgical treatments are available, but surgery can be scary when dealing with side effects and complications when it comes to the penis. Other options such as the Priapus shot may be a more viable option for ED, as it is non-invasive and has little to no side effects.

ED is Not Always Contributed to Physical Factors.

ED involves both physical and psychological causes, but most are only aware of the former. ED can be induced by stress, depression, and other mental health disturbances. While it is largely known that a sexual response for women has more to do with her brain, this is also true for men who suffer from ED. It’s important for a man who is suffering from an emotional form of ED to not only receive treatments for the physical, but also for the psychological. Many informative and well-trained sex therapists are available to work with both partners.

It’s important to address men’s sexual health issues for a healthy and flourishing relationship. In part one, we’ve addressed that ED is the most common sexual health concern in men and that it is not always caused by physical factors. Stay tuned for part two where we’ll explore infertility, sexual desire, and other men’s sexual health topics.

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