Hello, and welcome back to our blog! Here at Charleston Men’s Clinic, we are dedicated to helping men with their health issues in a comfortable, professional environment. Historically, men’s health care has been somewhat overlooked. Whether you want to blame the societal view that men need be tough or you want to blame men for not seeking medical help when they need it, the fact remains that men, just like women, have certain health issues that they are more likely to develop. These issues often start off as small problems; however, if they are left untreated they can quickly develop into life-threatening conditions that could have been avoided. In our inaugural blog post, we wanted to take some time to go over the most common health threats to men and why it is in the best interest of men everywhere to make sure that these conditions do not develop into something that is life-threatening. Continue reading below to learn more.

A Healthy Body is a Happy Body


Most people would agree that being healthy is important. Our health is something that we often take for granted and sometimes leads to people ignoring issues until they become so severe that they have to seek medical treatment. As any health care professional will tell you, preventative care is always preferable in relation to medical issues and, for the most part, most major health issues can be nipped in the bud if they are caught soon enough. Below, we have listed some of the most common health issues that affect men and why it is imperative that you, the reader, do not ignore these issues if you start to experience them.



  • Cardiovascular Disease: Atherosclerosis, the hardening of the arteries, is the leading men’s health threat. Every year, millions of men across the United States are diagnosed with some form of cardiovascular disease and, for many, this issue leads to an untimely death. As cardiovascular disease worsens, cholesterol causes plaque to form in the arteries, effectively choking off the blood supply and preventing the circulatory system from functioning properly. In extreme cases, the plaque buildup can become so bad that it causes a blood clot to form in a major artery, a medical condition that can quickly become fatal if not treated promptly. While a change in diet can help to alleviate cardiovascular disease, regular check ups with a men’s health specialist is recommended in order to keep an eye on cholesterol and blood pressure levels. While you may think that you are perfectly healthy, you won’t really know until you have a doctor run a few tests to confirm.
  • Lung Cancer: Data shows that lung cancer is more common in men than in women and, as a result, it has become one of the most prevalent causes of death of men in America. While this trend might seem odd at first glance, when you dig into the details it becomes clearer as to why men develop lung cancer more than women. Men are more likely to take jobs that put them around harsh chemicals, dust, and other airborne debris that works its way into the lungs. Years of working in a field that exposes the lungs to irritants such as these vastly increase the risk of developing lung cancer. Additionally, men are more likely to smoke than women, increasing their risk of developing lung cancer.  While there is no effective screening test for lung cancer currently available, we here at Charleston Men’s Clinic suggest that you make sure to talk to your doctor if you are experiencing any lung issues. Catching lung cancer early is essential in effectively treating the condition and, if you wait until the state of your lungs worsens, your chances of survival are greatly decreased.  



Join us again next time as we continue to cover some of the most common men’s health issues and why it is imperative that you stay on top of your health. If you would like to learn more about the services that we offer or you would like to schedule an appointment to see on of our physicians, please contact us today or visit our website. At Charleston Men’s Clinic, we are dedicated to providing the best male-related health care services available.