Have you ever wondered what effect your health has on your sexual performance? We’ve all heard it before, that healthier people usually have better sex drives, and that ‘’fit’’ people usually have an easier time pleasing their partners. This is no surprise considering the idealized image our society has of ultra-fit people, especially if they’re already famous. But what if I told you that you don’t need to spend seven hours a day at the gym in order to improve your sex life and that you can increase your sexual performance just by losing some weight?



Confidence is one of the most important aspects of having a healthy sex life and a good sex drive. Like with anything, confidence can make you more motivated, reduce stress, and always keep you coming back for more. When you lose weight, you’ll get an instant boost to your confidence. Let’s face it, nobody enjoys having a fatty belly or arms, but it’s a natural side-effect of getting older. As we age, we have to take on new responsibilities, and with those newfound responsibilities, we start to lack in areas like fitness and maintaining our mental health. Try to put aside one hour of each day for a high-intensity cardio workout and you’ll tackle all these issues at once. Never overlook the power of a little added confidence, because not only will it make things easier for you, but your partner will notice it and likely see a boost to their sex drive too!



In addition to added confidence, you’ll likely be a lot healthier, mentally and physically after losing weight. Unless your weight loss was due to stress, you’ll likely find a lot more benefits to your new, healthy lifestyle. People who have lost a noticeable amount of weight are often motivated to take on new fitness activities like weight lifting, long-distance running, or a sport like rock climbing or mountain biking. This can be a great way to push you into a more healthy lifestyle, however, it all starts with making a commitment to lose a little weight. In turn, your sexual performance will improve through increased endurance, and assurance that you are doing everything you can to satisfy your partner.



If you’re putting in the time and effort to get in shape in order to perform better sexually, there’s a higher chance that your partner will do the same for you. If your partner is showing signs that they want to start losing weight, try organizing some time each day that you can go to the gym together. This will help you motivate each other and most likely result in more progress.



It’s no secret that physical health and mental health work hand-in-hand. If you improve your physical health, you will be less stressed, have more motivation, and more energy—all things that will improve your sex life. The great part is that you don’t need to plan out a huge training regimen in order to accomplish this. All it takes is a commitment to a cardio activity of your choice for an hour a day. This could be anything from running to biking or anything in between.


The next step

Once you’ve lost weight and are feeling more confident in your sexual performance, it’s time to take care of any other sexual health issues you may be experiencing. At Charleston Men’s Clinic, we offer treatments for men including oral erectile dysfunction medication, Priapus Shots®, and GAINSWave treatment. Contact us today to learn how we can improve your sexual performance and make you happier and healthier as a result!