Getting more done in our daily lives is a huge topic for just about anyone looking to further their career, take on new challenges, or simply to feel better about themselves. Everyone has a different approach to efficiency so it’s difficult to say any one thing that will help you improve it. Some may need to make adjustments in their sleep schedule while with others, it may just be a shift of mindset that will do the trick. But efficiency isn’t just important for getting things done, it can help improve our health in general. If you’re more efficient and you recognize it, you’ll feel less stressed about finishing everything you need to. In this blog, we’re going to talk about several things you can try to potentially increase your day-to-day efficiency and hopefully get more done, whether it’s work, household chores, or anything else you want to improve at.

Get more sleep

Sleep is probably the one and only efficiency booster that’s effective for just about everyone. The amount of sleep you get has an effect on everything you do. According to the National Health Service (NHS), lack of sleep not only makes you sluggish and inefficient, it can also reduce your overall health condition. Regular lack of sleep will put you at a higher risk of developing medical conditions such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes and may shorten your life expectancy. Get at least seven hours of sleep per night to avoid these health concerns and become more efficient in your day-to-day life.

Drop Social Media

This may or may not be a problem for you considering people show varying signs of interest in social media. However, since we all have smartphones nowadays and some people have a high degree of interest in what Joe, their neighbor is doing with his dog today, it’s only natural that it can be a huge distraction while at work. Some people will leave social media open on their computer while they work, or maybe just receive regular updates on their phone. Even if we aren’t spending a lot of time on these sites while we work, researchers have found that even a minimal distractions can result in major inefficiencies while working.

So why is this? How is it that checking your phone once every hour can be an issue? The issue has less to do with the act of checking your phone and more to do with where your mind is at. The actual act of checking your social media may only take a minute, but you will be thinking about what you saw for far longer than that, making it difficult to get back on task. Many people will feel stressed after work because their mind has had to work twice as hard to stay on track and finish the work they needed to get done.

Get More Exercise

Looking for a way to motivate yourself and get more done? Getting more exercise is just what you need. Whenever you perform an intense exercise, you’ll get a natural boost to testosterone that will increase your energy, mood, and desire to work. Don’t have time for a full workout plan? That’s okay, if you have some free time on your lunch break, take a quick jog or go for a walk. If possible, take a short run in the morning as well to have an energy boost for the whole work day.

Plan your day

Many of us wait until the very last minute to plan for difficult tasks, whether it’s work-related or something in our personal lives. Although we should by no means stress over these tasks for days on end, we should definitely take care to have some sort of written plan in order to break up challenging tasks into more manageable pieces. Much of the stress associated with overcoming these issues will be eliminated and we’ll be more efficient as a result.

Efficiency is something we can all improve at, not just so we can accomplish more, but so we can eliminate stress and become healthier overall. If you’re a male looking for more health tips, visit Charleston Men’s Clinic today to get the help you need.