Erectile Dysfunction can greatly impact men’s sexual health by limiting their ability to get and maintain a healthy erection. This physical cause can lead to emotional and psychological concerns, leading to mental disturbances, such as depression and anxiety. While oral medications, GAINSWave, and the Priapus Shot (P Shot) are excellent treatment options, doctors who treat the emotional component through movement are finding considerable success.

ED comes with a host of causes and symptoms, and at Charleston Men’s Clinic, our guiding thought is to not only help you treat the symptoms of ED but to pinpoint the cause to give you the best overall health. In today’s post, we’ll delve into how movement can benefit both the physical and emotional ED symptoms.

Movement For The Physical Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Movement, arguably any type, will help to address the physical symptoms of ED. ED physically manifests from the inability of proper blood flow to the penis. This can be a cause of obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. When you move your body, you’re more likely to lose weight and improve blood flow to all of your limbs!

Aerobic Exercise

There is a wide array of aerobic exercises men can do to help mitigate the physical symptoms of ED for all ages and abilities.

  • Running – Running is the aerobic activity that is the most popular. There is very little investment, and with the nicer weather this season, it’s as convenient as getting out your front door. If you’re not quite at a running pace, walking is just as beneficial for ED. A recent study found that walking assists in stronger and longer erections, coupled with a 30 percent prevention rate in those who are borderline.
  • Swimming – Swimming is great for all abilities and ages, as it’s gentle on the joints and tendons while still providing a heart-pumping workout. It also creates lean muscle mass and supports fat loss for increased blood oxygenation. The breaststroke is highly advantageous for those with ED, as it helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Strength Conditioning – Strength conditioning that involves high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is wonderful for moving the blood and muscle gain. The short bursts of exercise are great for those who are short on time and looking for a workout that takes less than half an hour and yields optimal fat loss. Push-ups are also a great way to strengthen the muscle you use during intercourse.

Movement For The Emotional Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Movement not only helps the physical symptoms of ED, but it also eases the emotional elements of the condition. Movement is a great stress reliever and can supply the body with feel-good hormones to combat mental health issues.


Yoga is both meditative and a great workout, as it brings body awareness and pairs it with heart-pumping poses. Use yoga to combat stress and anxiety that looms in ED’s wake. Great poses that support relaxation include:

Seated forward bend (Paschimottanasana) – This pose relaxes your mind and the pelvic floor muscles — calm and relieve mild depression.

Head to knee (Janu Sirsasana) – If you’re looking for stress relief, this pose is very beneficial. Use it to tackle the emotional effects of ED, while bringing blood flow to the thighs, hips, and back.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a set of ancient Chinese exercises that focus on fluid movements, breath control, and mental concentration. To combat mental health concerns, try a Tai Chi class and move through the stress!


A good 18-hole game (sans the golf cart), can provide a great opportunity to get out into nature and soak up some much-needed vitamin D (which is also a great mood booster). Use the walking time between holes to center yourself and explore your feelings related to ED. If you’re golfing with a buddy, sometimes, the company brings stress relief.

ED may be uncomplicated to treat the physical symptoms, but treating both the physical and the emotional can be more clouded. Pinpointing the cause of ED is always our main goal, and giving you lifestyle components, like through movement, we can help to support and lessen the symptoms and causes of ED. Try aerobic movements, like running, swimming, and strength conditioning for the physical, and yoga, tai chi, and golf for the emotional.

At Charleston Men’s Clinic, we address men’s sexual health issues, including ED. For the leading, evidence-based treatments and procedures, schedule an appointment with us today!