Did you know an estimated 30 million men in the United States suffer from erectile dysfunction? A wide range of factors can cause erectile dysfunction in men at almost any age. You’ve probably heard the more popular causes like low testosterone, alcohol/drug related, or psychological. But what about medications? Men take prescribed medication to manage hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cholesterol and more. Can these medications affect a man’s ability to get and keep an erection? The short answer is yes.

In this post, we’ll be sharing how medication affects the ability to get and keep an erection. We’ll also cover general types of medications that have been shown to cause ED. If you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction, call to request an appointment at Charleston Men’s Clinic in Mount Pleasant. Our medically trained staff will meet with you and review your medical history, your lifestyle, and your current medication regimen to determine the best ED treatment. Otherwise, continue reading to learn more!

Medication and erectile dysfunction

Health issues are top priority when it comes to living a full life. Men and women alike want to remain healthy throughout their lives so they can enjoy every single moment. But what happens when a proactive approach to your health results in a negative affect? For example, what if you begin taking hypertension medication, but after a few weeks you notice you are having trouble getting an erection. What if after a few months, you simply can’t get hard anymore? For most men, this would cause more disdain and stress than the high blood pressure. Nonetheless, if you’re suffering from ED, your medication may be to blame. Here are five types of prescribed medications that may be affecting you erections.


Those looking to manage blood pressure can take beta-blockers to do so. As a result, males can experience erectile dysfunction. In many cases, once the man quits taking the beta-blocker, their ED disappears. The solution is to find a blood pressure medication that doesn’t have the erectile dysfunction side effect.

Androgen blockers

Typically, this type of medication is used to treat prostate cancer. It can decrease sex drive and ultimately cause erectile dysfunction if taken long enough. In most cases, the discontinuation (under the supervision of your doctor) of this medication results in ED no longer being an issue. However, if you’re unable to stop taking androgen blockers, you may be able to find an alternative that affects your libido or erections less.

Anxiolytics and sedatives

Any medication that depresses the nervous system can have an adverse affect toward a male’s ability to get and keep an erection. The cause is usually the direct suppression of nerves or alteration of hormone production/interaction to achieve a desired effect. However, ED caused by this type of medication is usually reversible with a lower dose, alternative prescriptions, or stop taking the medication altogether.


Depending on the specific medication, antidepressants can cause erectile dysfunction. Erections rely on serotonin and dopamine, as well as other hormones, to occur, and antidepressants can affect the levels of these hormones. In most cases, the lowering of dosage or complete stoppage of use can remedy ED. You may be able to find an alternative that doesn’t have erectile dysfunction side effects, too.

Stop taking prescribed medications?

It’s imperative that you discuss any change in medication with your primary health care provider before doing so. Although any of the mentioned medications in any combination could be the root cause of yoru ED, it’s important you involved your doctor in the conversation. You can get your sex life back while managing your systemic health properly.

At Charleston Men’s Clinic, we offer various erectile dysfunction treatments you can communicate with your primary care physician to ensure your health is safe. Below are the types of ED treatment we offer our patients:

  • Oral ED medication
  • Injections
  • GAINSwave™
  • Priapus Shot®



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