Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual health issues that men experience and it is caused by both physical and emotional factors. In brief, ED is the inability to get or maintain an erection, with the causes presenting as being overly stressed, fatigued, and in poor health with conditions such as heart disease and diabetes contributing to ED. While you can treat ED with different medications and injections, many men are opting for the non-invasive ED treatment known as GAINSWave.

GAINSWave: What is it?

GAINSWave is an ED treatment that effectively implements sound waves to stimulate blood flow in the penile tissue. The sound waves used are gentle, yet powerful, and utilize a high frequency, low-intensity wave. Not only does the GAINSWave address and correct for proper blood flow, it also helps generate new blood vessels and capillaries, and removes built-up plaque within the existing tissue.

GAINSWave: How does it Work?

You’ll see the most benefits out of six to 12 GAINSWave sessions and they are a short in-office visit between 15 to 20 minutes. If you have any plaque buildup in your penis, the GAINSWave utilizes its sound waves to break up the plaque and get the blood moving. GAINSWave also prompts new nerve tissue to grow, known as neurogenesis, and this brings back sensitivity to the penis. When GAINSWave is employed, you’ll experience harder, stronger, and more adequate erections.

Why Choose GAINSWave for an ED Treatment?

GAINSWave is a perfect option for men seeking ED relief that isn’t interested in a conventional approach. Other ED treatments such as ED medications can be burdensome to take on a daily basis and kill the spontaneity of sex. As with any pharmaceutical, the side effects may outweigh the potential benefits, so many steer clear of them for that purpose alone.

Another very popular ED treatment choice is the Priapus shot. This is a minimally invasive procedure using PRP therapy to address ED. It does involve a series of penile injections, so if you’re nervous around needles or just want an alternate option, again GAINSwave is non-invasive and no needles are involved!

GAINSWave has a 75 percent success rate, there is no medication required, it lasts up to two years, there are no major adverse effects, it increases penile sensitivity, and it’s non-invasive! There really is no better option than with GAINSWave!

What to Expect at Your GAINSWave Appointment?

GAINSWave is one of the most effortless and lasting ED treatments. You’ll arrive at a men’s health clinic 30 minutes prior for the application of a numbing agent, next the GAINSWave-trained medical professional begins the treatment which usually lasts around 20 to 30 minutes, and then the procedure is complete! There is no downtime involved and you can go right back to your daily activities!

GAINSWave: Does Every ED Patient Benefit?

Because GAINSWave has a 75 percent success rate, all most all ED patients benefit. And, GAINSWave can also effectively treat men with Peyronie’s disease, and men searching for non-invasive penile enhancement.

If you suffer from ED and are looking for an ED treatment that’s safe and effective, yet gentle and non-invasive, GAINSWave is the choice.

To learn more about GAINSWave or to schedule an appointment, connect with us today at the Charleston Men’s Clinic.