If you suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) there are many ED treatments that a men’s health clinic can address including ED pharmaceuticals, Priapus shots, and GAINSWave. If you’ve seen a medical professional and have been diagnosed with ED but are waiting to receive treatment, in the time before your appointment, there are lifestyle changes you can make to help minimize you ED symptoms and improve your sexual performance, naturally!

Don’t Let ED Get You Down

ED is a sensitive issue for men to both acknowledge and address, so if you’re looking for ED solutions to improve your sexual performance, there are many things you can adjust to make the most out of your situation.

Get and stay active – Some of the common causes of ED are a lack of blood flow to the penis and emotional disturbances from stress and fatigue. Movement can address both of these issues. When you get and stay active — every day — it improves your cardiovascular health which moves your blood around in your body. Physical activity also boosts your serotonin and endorphin levels that increase your feelings of well-being — not to mention raising your libido. If you are overweight or obese, it is important to try and lose weight. Obesity increases your chance of diabetes and heart disease, which impacts vascular health and a decline in sexual health. A study found that when obese men trim just 10 percent of their excess body fat, it improved their sexual function and performance is immensely.

Exercises for Better Sexual Performance!

Movement will not only help to increase your sexual performance but it may even make you more flexible and increase your stamina during intercourse!

Start with walking! – A Harvard study reported that 30 minutes of walking per day can decrease the risk for ED by 41 percent.

Lift weights – Begin a weight lifting program may be hugely beneficial because it helps to increase testosterone in the body, and testosterone is a precursor to the male sex hormone that addresses libido. You can start with bodyweight exercises like squats, pushups, and pullups and then add weight as needed.

Aerobic activity – Aerobic activity like jogging or using the elliptical helps to reduce the symptoms of ED by circulating and improving blood flow. The movement prevents heart disease in the same way — your because blood is freely moving it keeps them clear.

Kegels – Kegel exercises are not exclusively reserved for women, they’re very beneficial for men as well! Kegels can address premature ejeaculation and work to get blood pumping for stronger erections in men with ED. You’ll want to pulse your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles when performing kegels. The PC muscles are the ones you use yo control and stop the urine flow midstream.

Begin and maintain a healthy diet – If you’re not already doing so, address your diet. This is one of the biggest factors that can affect your sexual performance when dealing with ED. A healthy diet is going to incorporate a good amount of fresh vegetables with some fruit and whole-foods. The takeaway from addressing your diet is to steer clear of highly-processed foods and limiting your sugar and starchy food intake. There are wonderful foods that address flow specifically including:

  • Garlic- This superfood is great for blood circulation.
  • Hot peppers – The capsaicin addresses inflammation and supports blood flow.
  • Bananas – The potassium in bananas helps to reduce your blood pressure, which can positively affect sexual performance.

Combat stress – If you feel overly stressed whether it’s from your job or other situations learning better coping mechanisms and reducing your stress-levels will help your ED and sexual performance. Not only does stress raise your heart rate it also increases your blood pressure. These factors will show a decline in your sexual desire and damage performance. If your stress is more psychological, it will further impair achieving an erection and the ability to climax. People cope with stress through exercise, meditation, and seeing a therapist.

Adjust your bad lifestyle habits – If you smoke or consume more alcohol than the average adult, you may want to reconsider these habits. Both smoking and drinking impair your sexual performance and can make your ED symptoms worse. Stimulants affect blood flow by narrowing blood vessels, so cutting back or quitting will improve your sexual health.

Take a look at your teeth – The status of your oral health is directly linked to other systemic conditions. So, if you suffer from gum disease this raises your systemic inflammation and damages endothelial cells that are a component in the blood vessel structure. Visit your local dentist for a teeth cleaning and make sure your oral health is in check.

Seek help from an ED specialist – Maybe you’re trying to change things up with addressing certain lifestyle factors, or maybe you’re suffering in silence. If you suspect that you have ED, it’s important to not feel ashamed and seek assistance.

We’ve covered a lot of things you can do to help you manage your ED and sexual performance naturally and to recap:

  • Get active
  • Choose a healthy diet
  • Work on your stress levels
  • Adjust adverse lifestyle habits
  • Get your teeth assessed
  • Seek help

If you need to schedule an appointment for an ED treatment or for more information on men’s sexual issues, connect with our office today!