Charleston Men’s Clinic is Your Best Choice


When it comes to topics related to health, men can be a little reluctant to open up. Over the course of their lives, especially in the developmental years, men are presented with the expectation that they should deal with whatever problems they may be experiencing on their own. This leads to most men feeling less than comfortable talking about personal issues, especially when those issues revolve around problems in the bedroom. Here at Charleston Men’s clinic, we get it. We understand that talking about sexual health is pretty much the last thing most men want to get into with a healthcare provider but, in our opinion, this attitude needs to change. We have made it our mission to provide men with a space where they can feel comfortable talking about their sexual health issues and, in today’s post, we wanted to go over some of the aspects of our clinic that make it so inviting. We hope that by the end of this blog you have a better understanding of why so many men in the Charleston area choose to come to us.

It’s All About Context


When you get down to it, things are only uncomfortable if the context is uncomfortable. Most people have no issue talking about their problems if they can do so in a space where they feel safe and secure. This is the exact environment that we try to foster at our men’s health clinic and, below, we have listed some of the steps to ensure that all of our patients feel comfortable when they step through our doors.



  • Male Staff: As a company that works to provide services for men, we know first hand how frustrating it can be to seek out sexual health services only to be greeted by women when you enter a clinic. We aren’t suggesting that women are not completely capable providing these services, we are simply saying that many men do not feel comfortable seeking out help for their erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation issues from a clinic that is staffed by women. For this reason, our clinic is entirely staffed by men. When you come to our clinic for health, you never have to worry about any perceived judgment or feeling of embarrassment because, hey, we’re all guys here. We feel that this environment makes it easier for men to have their concerns addressed without having to worry about being mocked or judged.
  • Office Environment: One of the most common complaints that everyone seems to have when visiting any kind of medical facility is the fact that it feels like a medical facility. Sterile offices, uncomfortable waiting rooms, and a general sense of uneasiness are all associated with the medical profession. At our clinic, we’ve made every effort to make sure that our office is more like a man cave than a medical clinic. Out waiting room features multiple flatscreen televisions broadcasting a multitude of sports channels including ESPN, the Golf Channel, and NFL Network. We feel that by providing this environment to our patients, we are better able to eliminate any reservations they may have about visiting our clinic.
  • Professional Care: When you visit a medical professional, one of the main things that you should be able to do is talk to them about whatever may be ailing you. While it can seem awkward at first, these professionals have, for the most part, heard it all before. They aren’t going to be judging you behind your back or discussing your issues with other people when they get off work. This idea does not always come through in a medical setting, however, we have made every effort to hire professionals that people feel comfortable talking to. We promise, none of your information will be shared with anyone else and discretion is one of the main pillars that our clinic is built upon.


If you would like to learn more about our men’s health clinic or you would like to learn more about the treatment options we have available to address issues related to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, please get in touch with us today. We will take into account your unique situation and come up with a solution to your sexual health issues.