Are Your Pills Letting You Down?


Across the United States, millions of men take prescription medication to treat their erectile dysfunction. These pills (Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, just to name a few) are designed to dilate the blood vessels in the penis in order to help a man achieve and maintain an erection. Unfortunately, certain men, even with the help of these pills, still struggle with erectile dysfunction despite following the instructions of their doctor. Here at Charleston Men’s Clinic, we offer ED solutions other than pills; however, we understand that many of our patients make use of these medications in order to treat their erectile dysfunction. For this reason, we are going to use today’s post to go over some common reasons why ED medication may seem to be ineffective. Keep reading below to learn more.

It’s Not Always the Pill’s Fault


For decades, prescription pills have been one of the few resources men suffering from ED could turn to. These pills, for the most part, were able to help men with sexual performance issues they were experiencing and proved to be a quick, affordable fix that placed a bandage on the issue. However, over the years of these drugs being available, many men have reported that they were less than satisfied with the results that these pills claimed to provide. While it is likely that some men simply don’t respond to these pills as well as others, there is enough evidence out there to show that, in some cases, the men who complained about these pills were simply making mistakes that could lead to these pills being ineffective. Below, we have listed some of the most common reasons that pills designed to treat ED may not work as intended.



  • Unrealistic Expectations: Too often, we have heard stories where men expect to take ED pills and instantly be able to achieve an erection. Across the board, men have reported that they do not get enough sexual stimulation when trying these drugs. While the drugs may be less effective than the patient feels they should be, science tells us that many men don’t quite understand how these pills are supposed to work. When a man gets sexually aroused, their brain sends signals through the body’s nerves to the penis. This process, in conjunction with the ED medication, should be enough to provide the man with an erection; however, if the man is not able to attain a certain level of sexual arousal, the medication can only do so much. It’s important for men to remember that these pills only help to facilitate the development of an erection; they do not guarantee one.
  • Taking the Minimum Dose: Another misconception that men seem to have is that an ED medication is unsuccessful if, after the minimum dose, they are unable to achieve an erection. While it is totally understandable that most men don’t want to take more than the dose that their doctor recommended, it should also be noted that just because an ED medication doesn’t work at its lowest dose, does not mean that it is ineffective. When you get down to it, ED medications sometimes require that a patient experiment with their level of dosage. While we aren’t suggesting that men take more medication than their doctor recommends, before they completely write off their ED medication they need to make sure that is is not effective at the maximum dose. If, after taking the medication at the maximum dose, a patient still finds that the pills are ineffective, then it might be time to seek alternative treatment methods.
  • Eating Before The Pill: You know how if you eat a huge meal before you start drinking the alcohol has less of an effect? The same thing can happen in relation to ED medication. While it is advised by the manufacturers of the medication, it is important for men to realize that they shouldn’t eat a large meal before popping their medication. Doing so can negate the effects of the pill, resulting in less than desirable results.


Join us again next time as we conclude our short blog series on the most common reasons that ED medications are ineffective. If you would like to learn more about the non-prescription erectile dysfunction treatment options that we offer, please visit our website today.