Is Your ED Medication Failing at Delivering Results?


Hello there, and welcome back to the Charleston Men’s Clinic blog! If you have been keeping up with our recent posts, you are well aware of the fact that we focus on issues dealing with men’s sexual health. If this is the first time you are joining us, don’t worry, our blogs aren’t nearly as awkward as they could be. Part of our mission as a men’s health clinic is to take the stigma away from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and other issues that millions of men deal with each year. In today’s post, we are going to continue where we left off last time and continue to cover some of the most common reasons that prescription ED medication proves ineffective for some men. Read on to learn more.

Context is Key


Despite the popular view that the media likes to push upon the population, men are not ready to have sex at the drop of a hat. While it might be funny to push this narrative in the realms of film and television, we feel that it paints an unrealistic expectation for men in general. This false expectation, along with many other reasons, is one of the contributing factors that men seem to latch onto when complaining that their ED medication does not work. Below, we have listed a few more factors that can affect the efficiency of these medications.



  • Timing: More than any other factor, we feel that this one is one of the most important to note. Too often, we hear stories from men who have taken their ED medication only to complain that it isn’t working 20 minutes later. Like all medications, pills designed to treat ED take time to work. No one takes an ibuprofen expecting their headache to be gone in the next fifteen minutes; why then do people take ED medication and expect it to work instantly? If you are a patient who has a prescription for Viagra or Levitra, you will want to wait at least an hour before partaking in sexual activity. This amount of time allows these drugs to be at their most effective. Cialis, on the other hand, reaches its peak efficiency two to three hours after ingestion. Taking the time to allow your medication to work could be all that it takes to see the results that you desire.
  • Test The Medication: If you do not see the results that you want right away from your ED medication, it doesn’t mean that all is lost. Too many men will take their medication once or twice, only to determine that the medication is not effective in treating their condition. This is an issue because most doctors, and the makers of the ED medication, suggest that patients try at least six times before deciding that the medication is not working for them. The six times benchmark is a holdover from the way these drugs were originally prescribed in the 90s. Men would start out on the lowest possible dose, meaning that it might take a few uses before the exact amount of medication that was needed to achieve results was determined. If the medication didn’t work the first few times, the dose would simply be raised. Now, however, most men do not start out on the lowest dose, meaning that a patient may not need to try the medication six different times to see if it is effective. Still, it is a good idea to give the ED medication a few chances to deliver results before completely writing it off.
  • Try Multiple Meds: If one ED medication does not work, there is no reason for a man to not try a different one. While we understand that testing out multiple medications can seem concerning, it is worth it to make sure that your ED issues cannot be solved with prescription drugs.



Thank you for reading our short blog series on the most common reasons that ED medications prove unsuccessful for some patients and the factors behind this issue. If you are ready for an ED treatment method that does not rely on prescription drugs, please contact us today at Charleston Men’s Clinic and inquire about our services.