Stay Informed About ED Issues


Here at Charleston Men’s Clinic, we specialize in helping men find treatment options focussing on their sexual health. In our opinion, society has placed too harsh of a stigma on the sexual health of men. Too often, we have patients visit our clinic who have this idea that ED is something to be embarrassed about. They feel that their sexual health is tied up in their identity as a man and when something begins to affect this aspect of their life, they feel less than comfortable talking about it with a medical professional. Adding to this general stigma surrounding men’s sexual health, the internet is full of misleading or, in some cases, completely false information surrounding the topic of erectile dysfunction. In today’s post, we are going to conclude our short blog series by listing out the final four myths that are associated with erectile dysfunction. If you haven’t read our two previous posts on the subject, we suggest you go back and do so to ensure that you gain as much knowledge as possible from this blog series.


Medical Help for a Medical Problem


When you get down to it, erectile dysfunction is a medical issue. Too often we hear men express concern that their ED is all in their head and that if they could only get past the psychological aspect of their issues they would be able to shake the ED demon completely. Even though ED does have a psychological component to it, at its core it is a medical issue that requires medical expertise to treat. The myth that ED is a psychological condition as opposed to a physical one is harmful to men suffering from this issue and, below, we have listed out a few more myths that men need to be aware of in order to make sure that they are not taking in false information about their medical issues.


Myth 7: Personal bad habits do not affect ED


This myth builds on the fifth myth that we discussed that centers around the misconception that ED is a result of something wrong with just the penis. This is untrue not only in relation to other medical conditions that could be contributing to or causing ED issues in the first place but is also true when factoring in a patient’s personal habits. For example, cigarette smoke has been shown to damage people’s blood vessels. While this is mostly a concern to doctors because of the effect it can have on individual’s heart health, it can also impede the amount of blood that is able to flow to the penis during arousal. In one study, it was shown that out of a group of ex-smokers, 25 percent reported an improvement in their erections. Sometimes a change in diet, exercise habits, or the switching up of certain medications is enough to help alleviate some of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.


Myth 8: All ED drugs are the same


We blame the prevalence of this myth on the fact that, for the most part, people aren’t that well educated on what medications designed to treat erectile dysfunction actually do. The medications that most people are familiar with, such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, all belong to a class of drugs known a PDE5 inhibitors. These drugs help to treat ED by relaxing smooth muscles and increasing the amount of blood flow to the penis. While these drugs are all designed to deliver the same effect, they do so in slightly different ways that need to be noted in order to receive the greatest benefits from each. For example, drugs like Viagra and Levitra reach their peak effectiveness in about an hour, whereas Cialis takes about two hours to be effective. It should also be noted that eating heavy meals, especially those that contain a lot of fat, before taking Levitra or Viagra can reduce the effectiveness of the drug.


Myth 9: If ED drugs don’t help, there are no other options


Many of the patients that visit us at Charleston Men’s Clinic express concern over the fact that medication has not really made a dent in the treatment of their erectile dysfunction. They figure that if modern medicine isn’t able to allow them to achieve an erection, then nothing is. Luckily, this is not the case. While pills are typically the first form of treatment for patients suffering from ED, they are far from the only option available. If pills such as Viagra and Cialis do not work, a doctor may suggest penile injections using medication call alprostadil. This medication is designed in much the same way as pills that treat ED and help to relax smooth muscle tissue while simultaneously dilating blood vessels so that blood flow to the penis is as unimpeded as possible. If injections do not work, we here at Charleston Men’s Clinic offer GAINSWave therapy that utilizes acoustic sound waves to help treat a variety of conditions related to erectile dysfunction.


Myth 10: Taking testosterone will cure ED


A lot of men have this idea that if they are experiencing ED issues it must mean that their body is not producing enough testosterone. This will lead them to try methods to raise their testosterone in the hopes that their ED will go away. We cannot stress how important it is to make sure to have your testosterone levels tested before deciding that lack of testosterone is the issues. If your testosterone levels are normal and you raise them higher, it almost never helps with erectile dysfunction. Messing with hormone levels, especially testosterone levels, can have serious effects on a man’s body and should never be done without proper supervision and medical assistance to ensure that hormone imbalances do not occur.


Thank you for taking the time to read our short blog series on the most common myths surrounding erectile dysfunction. If you would like to learn more about our clinic and the treatments that we offer, please contact us today. At Charleston Men’s Clinic, we go to great lengths to make sure that all of our patients feel comfortable visiting us and talking about their issues. Understanding that sexual health is a very personal topic, we provide a space where men can seek treatment for ED without feeling as though they are being judged. Our professional and discreet staff will make your visit as comfortable as possible and will help you find the treatment options that are best for you. Don’t let your ED continue, contact us today and lets us show you why are the preferred men’s health clinic in the Charleston area.